The role of ambassadors are to help find potential participants for our Permaculture Design courses as well as our other offerings.

Each ambassador will have a unique ambassador referral code and will be giving instructions and guidance as well as reference material to help assist them in their role as ambassadors.


Ambassadors will promote Permaculture in an informative and objective way and will assist those who have interest in Permaculture Design Courses to learn more and sign up. Ambassadors will never engage in high-pressure “selling” or any unethical practices or risk losing their status as ambassadors.

We believe Permaculture Design is the way to solve many of the challenges humanity faces and that ambassadors can help us to spread the word to increase

Ambassadors must demonstrate a passion and concern for the urgency of the environmental challenges facing humanity and will be evaluated as such. Ambassadors will also be supported by a commission based compensation scheme that will be provided to them upon acceptance of their application. Acceptance of initial application will not guarantee role as ambassador. the enxt step will be an in-person meeting or skype meeting if in person i snot possible. The applicant will be informed of the details of the role and both parties will have a specified time period to accept applicant or not.